Rene Robles  

Critique and Reviews

"There is an expressive, transcendent but often contradictory communion that is both a solace and an excitement..."

New York Times

"Stunning perspectives... passion in that spontaneity and power in that speed. Call it assertiveness".


"His work has a depth and quality that will surely endure beyond our trend hungry time. "


"A new way of seeing, expressing and structuring art... It has the potential to lead art into the future. "

M. Teresa Rodriguez - Morris Museum

"Recognized for his originality and the sweeping impact of his work. "

Ayala Museum

"Each viewer looks and departs with a different impression. "

Lolo Sarnoff, Sculptor USA and Switzerland

"Robles' world is in constant motion, defining and redefining itself. "

Jeannie Javelosa, Manila Chronicle

"Rene is a great artist who teaches us to view space, motion and time with a challenging new perspective. Through the unique lens of his art he reveals a secret, interior architecture of light and form, transforming the ordinary into the magical. He has created a new, imaginative dimension in his work - that of an intense optimism and compassion for the world he sees around him. "

Charles Henson, Lahaina Arts Society Maui, Hawaii, USA

"It is sheer delight to follow the evolution of thinking that Robles guides one through as he develops this experience of a tour de force, revealing the virtuoso ability of a skilled and ever curious, ever experimental performer."

E.C. Lipton, Aftspeak, New York

"In a variety of materials including oil, watercolor and pastels, his subject matter touches on portraiture, still life and scenes that impart a dreamlike quality, with powerful cloud formations and water reflections."

The Star Ledger, New Jersey

"..he places the distinctive soft greens and tans in such a way that the eye mixes them when perceived from a distance."

Carol Fowler, Contra Costa Times, California

'"Robles is one of the best of today's portrait artists."

Will Grant, Artspeak, New York

"The creator of impressionistic signature painting views the area as an artistic feast, which he plans to devour. The lines which characterize Robles' watercolor and oil paintings give a sense of comfort and continuity".

The Pocono Record, Pennsylvania

"An internationally known impressionist, recognized for his classic oil painting of the 'Resurrection of Christ'.."

Houston Chronicle, Texas

'"His work).. attests to the range of concerns Robles is capable of, even within a specific genre or category of artwork. From psychological probing to an examination of the composition of a mood, he exhibits a virtuosity of response to even similar, repeated stimuli."

Ninotchka Rosca, 'Rene Robles:Transcoding' New York

"Hall of Fame Artist"

Bulletin Today, Manila

"When collectors run out of wall space there are always books to resort to. This idea was brought to mind by an especially excellent book of reproductions from the work of Rene Robles."

Abraham llein, Artspeak, New York

"Every artist was first an amateur, " wrote America's Ralph Waldo Emerson. Rene Robles, however, didn't have time to be an amateur."

Irene Higgins, Beacon Times, New Jersey

".. he uses a single brush stroke with no repetition to achieve an effect.."

Marjorie Donchey, Sunday Press, New Jersey

"A most talented and versatile artist, the master of an array of techniques."

William Wanlund, Amerikahaus, Hamburg

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